How much are your services?

Our services vary in price depending on your needs. Just ask to see a pricing guide and we will happily go over your options with you!

What are the advantages of hiring one company to do both videography and photography?

When you hire one team to handle your videography and photography you can be sure that they will be working together to make sure no one misses a moment. We also offer a discount when you book us for both photo and video and who doesn't love saving some money? However if you already have a photographer we can’t wait to get to know and work with them!

How much to add photography?

Just like with our video services, adding photography to your package will vary depending on your needs.

Can you use my favorite song in my video?

Many times it's not possible to license your favorite song for your highlight video. Sites like Facebook and YouTube are really good at recognizing copyrighted music and will remove or silence your video if they suspect you don’t own the rights to the songs. This means we can only use music that we can license. We have several music licensing sites that we can use to choose the perfect music for your video.

Who chooses the music for my video?

We like to have creative freedom with the music in your video however we will always listen to your suggestions and keep them in mind during the editing process.

How long does it take to receive my video?

Depending on the time of year your wedding takes place, you can expect your video within 60-90 days after your wedding.

Do you travel and is there an additional fee?

We love to travel! There will be a reasonable fee for anything further from us than 2 hours and for lodging if needed.

How does payment work?

After the innitial retainer fee, we split your remaining balance into three equal payments with the final payment being due 30 days prior to your wedding.

How many revisions do I get?

We offer two revisions after initially receiving your videos. We ask that you take note of anything you may want us to change and send all of those changes in one email. You will have one week to request revisions after receiving your videos and there will be a fee for additional revisions.